MAY  2th - 6th , 2011




05:00 pm – Opening Session
AUREMN´s President: José Daniel Figueroa Villar (IME,Brazil)

05:15 pm – Lecture
The sticky fingers of influenza visualized by modern solution NMR
Lecturer: Ad Bax (National Institute of Health, NIH,USA)
Chair: José Daniel Figueroa Villar (IME,Brazil)

06:00 pm -  Lecture

Solid State NMR Methods for Studying Functional Supramolecular Materials
Lecturer: Hans Spiess (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)
Chair:  Maria Ines Bruno (UFRJ,Brazil)

07:00 pm – Cocktail and Dinner




09:00 am    Lecture

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization NMR at High Magnetic Fields
Why Two Electrons Are Better Than One

Lecturer: Robert Griffin (Massachussets Institute of Technology, MIT,USA)
Chair: Luiz Alberto Colnago (EMBRAPA, Brazil)

09:45 am    Lecture

NMR studies of the interactions of small Gd3+ – based MRI contrast agents
with target proteins

Lecturer: Carlos Geraldes (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
Chair: José Dias de Souza Filho (UFMG, Brazil)

10:30 am    COFFEE BREAK

10:50 am    Lecture

Residual Chemical Shift Anisotropy (RCSA): A Tool for the Configurational
Analysis of Small Molecules

Lecturer: Fernando Hallwass (Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil)
Chair: Naira Machado Ruiz (PUC-Rio, Brazil)

11:30 am    Vendor’s  Conference  – ANASAZI

Lecturer: Donald Bouchard
Chair: Peter Seidl (UFRJ, Brazil)

12:00 am    LUNCH

03:00 am    Lecture

Residual Dipolar Couplings in Organic Structure Determination
Lecturer: Christina Thiele (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)
Chair: Jochen Junker (CTQB, Brazil)

03:45 am    Lecture

Recent progress in magnetic resonance techniques for porous media research
Lecturer: Yi-Qiao Song (Schlumberger-Doll, USA)
Chair: Tito Bonagamba (IFSC, Brazil)

04:30 pm   COFFEE-BREAK

05:00 pm    Oral Communications (3)

Chair: Claudia Jorge Nascimento (UNB/UNIRIO, Brazil)

07:00 pm   DINNER

08:30 pm    Poster Section I

Chair: Andersson Barison (UFPR, Brazil)




09:00 am    Lecture

Single-scan Multidimensional NMR and MRI By Spatiotemporal
Encoding: Principles, Opportunities and Challenges

Lecturer: Lucio Frydman (Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Israel)
Chair: Claudio Tormena (UNICAMP, Brazil)

09:45 am    Lecture

Biophysics of proteins and membranes: can we learn something from the
electron spin?
Lecturer: Antonio José da Costa Filho (USP/Ribeirão Preto, Brazil)
Chair: Otaciro Rangel Nascimento (IUSP-SC, Brazil)

10:30 am    COFFEE BREAK

10:50 am    Lecture

Advances in DOSY and Pure Shift Techniques and Applications
Lecturer: Mathias Nilsson (University of Manchester, England, UK)
Chair: Nilo Zanatta (UFSM, Brazil)

11:30 am    Vendor’s Conference  – AGILENT

Lecturer: Thomas Gottschalk
Chair: Sonia Maria Cabral de Menezes (PETROBRAS, Brazil)

12:00pm    LUNCH

03:00 pm    Lecture

NMR studies of bacterial nucleoid associated proteins of the H-NS family
Lecturer: Miquel Pons (University of Barcelona, Spain)
Chair: Dorila Piló Veloso (UFMG, Brazil)

03:45 pm    Lecture

Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy: A Renaissance
Lecturer: Jack Freed (Cornell University, USA)
Chair: Claudio Magon (USP-SC, Brazil)

04:30 pm    COFFEE BREAK

05:50 pm    Oral Communications (3)

Chair: Roberto Ritner Neto (UNICAMP, Brazil)

07:00 pm    DINNER

08:30 pm    Poster Section II

Chair: Valdemar Lacerda Jr. (UFES, Brazil)




09:30 am    Lecture

High-resolution solid-state NMR studies of deep-earth minerals
Lecturer: Stephen Wimperis (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
Chair: Rosane A. Silva San Gil (UFRJ, Brazil)

09:45 am    Lecture

High pressure NMR spectroscopy: Excited states of proteins and their role in
protein-protein recognition

Lecturer: Hans Kalbitzer (University of Regensburg, Germany)
Chair: Fabio L. Almeida (UFRJ, Brazil)

10:30 am    COFFEE BREAK

10:50 pm    Lecture

Probing micelles and reverse micelles by NMR
Lecturer: Anita Marsaioli (State University of Campinas, Brazil)
Chair: Luciano Lião (UFG, Brazil)

11:30 am    Vendor’s Conference – BRUKER

Lecturer: Rainer Kerssebaum
Chair: Jarbas Magalhães Resende (UFMG, Brazil)

12:00 pm    LUNCH

03:00 pm    Lecture

Invisible states in paramagnetic copper proteins
Lecturer: Alejandro Vila (University of Rosario, Argentina)
Chair: Ana Carolina Zeri (LNBi, Brazil)

03:45 pm    Lecture

Ultrafast 2D NMR: Principles, Recent Developments and new applications in
analytical chemistry

Lecturer: Patrick Giraudeau (University of Nantes, France)
Chair: Antonio Gilberto Ferreira (UFSCAR, Brazil)

04:30 pm    COFFEE BREAK

05:00 pm    AUREMN General Assembly

Opening: President of AUREMN

New Members Commission:

Naira Machado da Silva Ruiz (PUC-RIO)

Informatics and Statistic Commission

Naira Machado da Silva Ruiz (PUC-RIO)

Editorial Board

José Daniel Figueroa Villar (IME)
Maria Inês Bruno Tavares (IMA-UFRJ)
Rosane Aguiar da Silva San Gil (IQ-UFRJ)

Library Commission
Eduardo Miguez Bastos da Silva (IMA-UFRJ)

Nomenclature Commission
Rosana Garrido Gomes (PUC-RIO)

Courses Commission
Claudia Jorge Nascimento (UNB/UNIRIO)

General Topics

08:00 pm    DINNER




08:30 am    Evaluation Session
Chair: Katia Zaccur Leal (UFF, Brazil)

09:00 am    Closing Session
José Daniel Figueroa Villar (President of AUREMN, Brazil)

10:00 am    Social Program

01:00 pm    LUNCH

03:00 pm    Departure to Rio de Janeiro
(Estimated Arrival at Rio de Janeiro International Airport:  06:00PM)